Dan's Nerf Battle Tips

by Dan | Dec 06, 2013
Beat your buddies with Dan's top five Nerf rules!

Only the best in Dan's team: Dan, Cass & Glen are Nerf ninjas!


Dan's NERF battle tips!


1. Assemble a crew. You don't have eyes in the back of your head, which is why you need a buddy (or preferably buddies) to cover you!

2. Carry a spare clip. Too much ammo is never enough.

3. Carry a back-up blaster. When your main blaster is out of darts and you don't have time to reload it pays to be carrying something small so you can snap off a quick shot.

4. The old fake reload. Pretend to be changing clips and when your opponent sticks their head up, get them with the dart you've been saving.

5. Don't bring a pea-shooter to a Nerf battle. If your opponent has 36 darts in the chamber, make sure you have at least 37 and a blaster that can beat them quick.


Good luck!


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