10 Signs You're a K-Zoner

by Dan | Dec 06, 2013
Note: K-Zone fandom encouraged.

K-Zone Fan Signs

  1. You accidentally spell things with a 'K'. Enter any K-Zone Komps lately?

  2. The Prankstar is your idol. Doesn't matter how many times you get grounded.

  3. You check page 34 of every book you read for incredible facts, and are disappointed when they're not there.

  4. You wonder if you can get in Yo! Collecta! if your collection is of K-Zone mags. You totally can, BTW.

  5. If K-Ka$h were real, you'd be a millionaire. (Psst, did ya hear K-Ka$h is closing down soon? Make sure you spend your K-Ching ASAP!)

  6. Your friends secretly think you're the Game Ninja 'cos you know so much about Skylanders!

  7. You've seen every movie trailer and read every review... before the movie's even out.

  8. You wanna be the next K-Z Super Intern sooo bad.

  9. You're a pro meme-maker.

  10. Everytime you see something embarrassing, you make notes to submit an anonymous Shame File.

1 Comment

  1. 1 Chris 21 Jan
    Yep, everything above is definitely me! please reply! 


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