San Fran Gaming Developer's Conference!

by K-Z Ed Dan | Nov 27, 2013

Dear Diary that Everyone can Read on the Internet,

This month K-Zone visited the GDC (which stands for Game Developer’s Conference) in sunny (actually raining and freezing) San Francisco. This was the biggest gaming conference of the year for hopeful game developers and students wanting to know the arts of game making.

One of the biggest games K-Zone previewed at GDC was LEGO Marvel Superheroes. We scored behind the scenes time with the game and an interview with one of the developers (check the mag to read it!).

LEGO Iron Man

At the conference it was really cool to see massive developers like Warner Bros. with stands that anyone could go up to and ask questions. It costs a fair bit to get into GDC and lots of student game makers visit the conference in the hope will help them get into the world of game making.

One of the perks of being the K-Zone Editor? I got in for free!

Warner Brothers Game Conference Stand

 The PlayStation stand was one of the biggest of the show and they were giving people a close-up look at the new PS4 controller. It was under glass so we couldn't pick it up - kinda like a forcefield against noobs!

New PS4 Controller

 Some studios were showing off how they make game characters move in really life-like ways. The secret is special motion capture suits that can record every movement of an actor's body. Sure, they look like total weirdos now, but when you see how realistically the characters move, it's worth it! Think of Gollum in Lord of the Rings, versus the pixel-peeps in Minecraft

Game Motion Capture Suits

 We checked out Nintendo (kinda low-key) and the epic Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset (along with everyone else; the queue was a quest!) then we had to go..

Cya guys!

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