Dan's Rad Holiday Checklist

by K-Z ED DAN | Apr 08, 2013
Hey guys!

April has been an epic month for holidays (thanks Easter!). We've got everything ya need to have the best break ever. Check out this stuff, and get my tips to have an awesome hols below!


Gaming Guides and Cheats 

Fun Quizzes

Movie and TV Trailers

Fun Pranks


The team at K-Zone pinned me down and and asked me to tell them...

How do you have the best holiday ever?

  1. What’s your holiday prank picks?

    My fave holiday prank would be on the first Monday morning of the hols to dress in school uniform and try to convince everyone to get up as if it's a normal school day. Sure you'll have to get out of bed but the moment of panic as everyone thinks they've overslept is pure pranking gold.
  2. Holidays aren’t complete unless you see the following flicks…

    I like to re-watch classics in the holidays so maybe the Avengers or Spider-man if you're allowed to watch them or an old fave is Fantastic Mr Fox. If you're a super lucky older K-Zoner then you can't miss Iron Man 3. 
  3. How do you get rid of annoying brothers and sisters to have the best hols ever?

    Don't get rid of them! Turn them into your minions and fellow pranksters! They can be useful in getting food for you and taking the blame when your pranks go wrong, just ask my siblings…muahahahahhaha!
  4. What happens if it rains every single day?

    If it rains every single day of the holidays it's just an excuse to clock up some serious reading/movie/LEGO/videogame time…Grab K-Zone and pull every prank, tell every joke and enter every comp!
  5. And a random last question: who would win in the following Jurassic jousts?

    a.      Velociraptor vs Tyrannosaurus Rex

    A single T-Rex vs a single Velociraptor would result in T-Rex domination, no questions. BUT, Velociraptors hunt in packs like angry chickens and I reckon a flock of them could probably bring a T-Rex down. So I'm gonna call this one a draw.

    b.      Diplodocus vs Brontosaurus (AKA Apatosaurus)

    This one is the clash of the titans with both dinos being building-sized herbivores. I can't imagine a solid reason for these two peaceful giants to be fighting but if they were I'd have to go with the Apatosauraus as the winner because it's just more massive.

    c.      Stegosaurus vs Triceratops

    Probably the most fascinating battle of the three, you have an offensive tank (Triceratops) versus a defensive fortress (Stegosaurus). All things considered I'm going to say the Triceratops would win with it's horns and frilly bone collar, even against the Stegosaurus' armour and spiked tail.


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