• What lies beneath...

    by Dan & The K-Zone team | Aug 25, 2014

    What up K-Zoners? Welcome back to your local source of RAD! As you may have noticed the September issue of K-Zone has a few misfits-turned-megastars – the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Boxtrolls, Star Wars Rebels… so we thought it would be a good time to take a look at the weird hobbies that lurking under the surface of some famous faces.

    Johnny Depp
    Who’d have thought he’d be weird in real life? He collects Barbie Dolls and pig skeletons. Um, yep.

    Johnny Depp

    Kristen Stewart
    The star of Snow White and the Huntsman is an ace juggler! Who knew?

    Kristen Stewart

    Jack Black
    The voice of Po, the Kung-Fu Panda rocks out on the ukulele!

    Jack Black

     Leslie Mann

    The Rio star rides a unicycle. Who needs that extra wheel anyway?

    Leslie Mann

    As if being a rockstar wasn’t enough, Beyonce is awesome at Connect Four. Adversaries, be very afraid.


    What’s your hidden talent K-Zoners? We wanna know!

  • Postcard From Outta Space

    by Dan & The K-Zone Team | Jul 28, 2014

    Heeey K-Zoners...


    That’s the sound of a massive supernova spewing gamma rays, x-rays, manta rays and a bunch of spooky nanoparticles that can barbecue sausages on the whole other side of the universe. But even this looks like your li’l bro’s Peppa Pig nightlight compared to the blinding radness of the AUGUST ISSUE OF K-ZONE, where we head into outer space to suss the hottest stuff in the universe - literally!

    With K-ZHQ flying like a warp-speed frisbee to the farthest corners of the galaxy, it’s been a particularly epic month of mag-making. Our suitcases are exploding with snowdomes from Saturn, postcards from Pluto, t-shirts from Titan and collectable spoons from the crab nebula.

    Get a load of our holiday happy snaps!

    1. Cya Earth! Our home planet looked amazing as we shot past the International Space Station, with the sun reflecting off the ocean. 

      Photo: Earth from the International Space Station. Image: ESA/NASA

    2. Like high-octane Men in Black we donned our alien-proof ultra-shades to do what you should never do on Earth: look directly at the sun. Seems the old thing has been having a party lately, with lots of cool loops and flares.

      Photo: The Sun. Image: ESA/ROB

    3. Did you know Saturn has a polar jet stream shaped like a hexagon? If that wasn’t cool enough, the red splodge in the middle is a hurricane big enough to stretch from Melbourne to Brisbane!

      Photo: Saturn's hexagonal polar jet stream! Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI

    4. Having zipped out of the solar system we spotted the Monkey Head Nebula, busily cooking up new stars out of cosmic gas and dust, with a batch of scones coming up.

      Photo: Monkey Head Nebula. Image: NASA/ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

    5. Final stop was the picturesque Sombrero Galaxy, good for a toilet break and some sightseeing. Why do holidays have to end? Adios amigos, until next time!

      Photo: Sombrero Galaxy. Image: ESA (C. Carreau)
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  • A Monster of A Month...

    by K-Zone Dan | May 26, 2014
    Things the K-Zone team did this month:

    • Helped build a massive Darth Vader out of LEGO.
    • Hung out with our mates from Saturday Disney.
    • Ate some delicious pizza at work.
    • Planned some totally sweet World Cup watching parties.
    • Made Mario out of LEGO (check out the photo!).
    • Created the amazing June Mutants and Monsters issue of K-Zone!
    • Played a ton of Minecraft.

    Things team K-Zone did NOT do this month:

    • Eat funky-flavoured ice-cream.
    • Go on a waterslide.
    • Go indoor skydiving.
    • Swap our shoes with each other.
    • Compare celebrities to types of cheese.
    • Play chess against a beagle.

    Things you should do this month:

    Yeah, I guess it was kind of a quiet one...we'll work on that indoor skydiving for next month! Catch you later K-Zoners!

    Dan and the K-Zone crew

    Photo: LEGO Mario

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  • This Month At K-ZHQ...

    by Dan & The K-Zone Crew | Mar 25, 2014

    Hey K-Zoners on the internet...

    Lights, camera, ACTION! April K-Zone came out on Monday, and it's chockablock with the coolest new movie news.

    We scored a sneaky look at two of the biggest, most action-packed flicks of the year so far, The LEGO Movie and The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro! These two blockbusters are gonna go off! 

    Check out the trailers and tell us: which movie looks the coolest?



    Meanwhile, we’ve been working like crazy to get some awesome new pages in the mag.

    Check out the rad new reads and epic new-look K-Zone!

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  • KZ Super Intern Update

    by K-Zone's Super Intern | Mar 25, 2014

    Hey K-Zoners!

    Man, has K-Zone HQ been busy lately.

    To celebrate the upcoming The Lego Movie we ordered a whole bunch of cool new LEGO sets! Guess who had to build them all? Yep, me.  

    The floor was covered in LEGO bricks (my hair too) and I kind of looked like a crazy LEGO maniac. But yep, super intern came through! Have you seen The LEGO Movie trailer? Check it out:

    Also, I went all super-stealthy ninja this week and had a sneaky look at what’s new in the prize cupboard. Pssst! There’s 
    Adventure Time DVDsFrozen Blu-rays, Crashlings figurines and an epic VIP Luna Park pass

    Finally, who’s psyched for FIFA World Cup to start? We’re counting down the days here at K-Zone and brushing up on our soccer skills. Are you just as pumped as we are? Soz, silly question. 

    Don’t forget to keep those letters and emails coming in guys! You all send killer drawings and hilarious stories for me to read each week.

    This is how I feel getting to help make the world's best mag everyday: 

    K-Zone Super Intern celebrates being at K-Zone magazine!

    K-Zone’s Super Intern

    PS. This month's obsession? MEMES. Check out a bunch of K-Zone's Hilarious Memes

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  • Back To...Braaaaains!

    by Dan | Jan 30, 2014
    zombie face paint k-zone editor dan

    Yo K-Zoners,

    Yeah it's that special time of year after the special time of year - the time when you gotta head back to school. You're probably wondering why something like going back to school is in the Blog of Awesome.

    Well, for starters seeing all your mates and finding out what they all did in the hols is totally sweet. Plus, if you're feeling a bit bummed that the lazy holidays are over just spare a thought for me (it's me Dan!). Almost every year the first day back at school was my birthday and there was no way my mum was letting me take it off, trust me I tried!

    The real reason we're talking about school though in the Blog of Awesome is that this week is also the launch of the very first ZOMBIE edition of K-Zone where we zombify everything, even me! PLUS, you can score an awesome Trash Pack when you buy the issue!

    If that doesn't make this an awesome time of year, I don't know what will!

    Have fun K-Zoner's and CYA soon!

    Dan and the K-Zone Crew
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  • Happy Christmas From K-Zone

    by Dan | Dec 23, 2013
    Happy Christmas from K-Zone Magazine. Photo: Getty Images

    Merry Christmas K-Zoners!

    Hope you get the sickest pressies (c'mon Skylanders & Minecraft) eat the tastiest food (cheers, Mum!) and pull off the best pranks of the year over the break!

    K-Zoners are the MOST EPIC, MOST RANDOM & COOLEST peeps out there - keep sending us awesome jokes, pranks and shame files, enter all our awesome comps and play every sweet game on the site!


    Dan & the K-Zone Team

    P.S. January K-Zone is OUT NOW with FREE Super Mario Mini Figure plus SECRET SUMMER CAMP (hint: the coolest comps are there...)
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  • Giant LEGO Yoda!

    by Dan | Dec 13, 2013

    What else do you do on Star Wars Day (May the Fourth) than build a giant Yoda made of LEGO?

    Ummm... well you could do a Star Wars movie marathon, or play Angry Birds Star Wars until you slay every top score, or do our Star Wars quiz or...

    ANYWAY, K-Zone Editor Dan went to Melbourne, met a bunch of awesome K-Zoners and built LEGO history! Check out the photos!

    K-Zone Giant Yoda

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  • 10 Signs You're a K-Zoner

    by Dan | Dec 06, 2013
    Note: K-Zone fandom encouraged.

    K-Zone Fan Signs

    1. You accidentally spell things with a 'K'. Enter any K-Zone Komps lately?

    2. The Prankstar is your idol. Doesn't matter how many times you get grounded.

    3. You check page 34 of every book you read for incredible facts, and are disappointed when they're not there.

    4. You wonder if you can get in Yo! Collecta! if your collection is of K-Zone mags. You totally can, BTW.

    5. If K-Ka$h were real, you'd be a millionaire. (Psst, did ya hear K-Ka$h is closing down soon? Make sure you spend your K-Ching ASAP!)

    6. Your friends secretly think you're the Game Ninja 'cos you know so much about Skylanders!

    7. You've seen every movie trailer and read every review... before the movie's even out.

    8. You wanna be the next K-Z Super Intern sooo bad.

    9. You're a pro meme-maker.

    10. Everytime you see something embarrassing, you make notes to submit an anonymous Shame File.
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  • Dan's Nerf Battle Tips

    by Dan | Dec 06, 2013
    Beat your buddies with Dan's top five Nerf rules!

    Only the best in Dan's team: Dan, Cass & Glen are Nerf ninjas!


    Dan's NERF battle tips!


    1. Assemble a crew. You don't have eyes in the back of your head, which is why you need a buddy (or preferably buddies) to cover you!

    2. Carry a spare clip. Too much ammo is never enough.

    3. Carry a back-up blaster. When your main blaster is out of darts and you don't have time to reload it pays to be carrying something small so you can snap off a quick shot.

    4. The old fake reload. Pretend to be changing clips and when your opponent sticks their head up, get them with the dart you've been saving.

    5. Don't bring a pea-shooter to a Nerf battle. If your opponent has 36 darts in the chamber, make sure you have at least 37 and a blaster that can beat them quick.


    Good luck!


  • San Fran Gaming Developer's Conference!

    by K-Z Ed Dan | Nov 27, 2013

    Dear Diary that Everyone can Read on the Internet,

    This month K-Zone visited the GDC (which stands for Game Developer’s Conference) in sunny (actually raining and freezing) San Francisco. This was the biggest gaming conference of the year for hopeful game developers and students wanting to know the arts of game making.

    One of the biggest games K-Zone previewed at GDC was LEGO Marvel Superheroes. We scored behind the scenes time with the game and an interview with one of the developers (check the mag to read it!).

    LEGO Iron Man

    At the conference it was really cool to see massive developers like Warner Bros. with stands that anyone could go up to and ask questions. It costs a fair bit to get into GDC and lots of student game makers visit the conference in the hope will help them get into the world of game making.

    One of the perks of being the K-Zone Editor? I got in for free!

    Warner Brothers Game Conference Stand

     The PlayStation stand was one of the biggest of the show and they were giving people a close-up look at the new PS4 controller. It was under glass so we couldn't pick it up - kinda like a forcefield against noobs!

    New PS4 Controller

     Some studios were showing off how they make game characters move in really life-like ways. The secret is special motion capture suits that can record every movement of an actor's body. Sure, they look like total weirdos now, but when you see how realistically the characters move, it's worth it! Think of Gollum in Lord of the Rings, versus the pixel-peeps in Minecraft

    Game Motion Capture Suits

     We checked out Nintendo (kinda low-key) and the epic Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset (along with everyone else; the queue was a quest!) then we had to go..

    Cya guys!
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  • Dan's Rad Holiday Checklist

    by K-Z ED DAN | Apr 08, 2013
    Hey guys!

    April has been an epic month for holidays (thanks Easter!). We've got everything ya need to have the best break ever. Check out this stuff, and get my tips to have an awesome hols below!


    Gaming Guides and Cheats 

    Fun Quizzes

    Movie and TV Trailers

    Fun Pranks


    The team at K-Zone pinned me down and and asked me to tell them...

    How do you have the best holiday ever?

    1. What’s your holiday prank picks?

      My fave holiday prank would be on the first Monday morning of the hols to dress in school uniform and try to convince everyone to get up as if it's a normal school day. Sure you'll have to get out of bed but the moment of panic as everyone thinks they've overslept is pure pranking gold.
    2. Holidays aren’t complete unless you see the following flicks…

      I like to re-watch classics in the holidays so maybe the Avengers or Spider-man if you're allowed to watch them or an old fave is Fantastic Mr Fox. If you're a super lucky older K-Zoner then you can't miss Iron Man 3. 
    3. How do you get rid of annoying brothers and sisters to have the best hols ever?

      Don't get rid of them! Turn them into your minions and fellow pranksters! They can be useful in getting food for you and taking the blame when your pranks go wrong, just ask my siblings…muahahahahhaha!
    4. What happens if it rains every single day?

      If it rains every single day of the holidays it's just an excuse to clock up some serious reading/movie/LEGO/videogame time…Grab K-Zone and pull every prank, tell every joke and enter every comp!
    5. And a random last question: who would win in the following Jurassic jousts?

      a.      Velociraptor vs Tyrannosaurus Rex

      A single T-Rex vs a single Velociraptor would result in T-Rex domination, no questions. BUT, Velociraptors hunt in packs like angry chickens and I reckon a flock of them could probably bring a T-Rex down. So I'm gonna call this one a draw.

      b.      Diplodocus vs Brontosaurus (AKA Apatosaurus)

      This one is the clash of the titans with both dinos being building-sized herbivores. I can't imagine a solid reason for these two peaceful giants to be fighting but if they were I'd have to go with the Apatosauraus as the winner because it's just more massive.

      c.      Stegosaurus vs Triceratops

      Probably the most fascinating battle of the three, you have an offensive tank (Triceratops) versus a defensive fortress (Stegosaurus). All things considered I'm going to say the Triceratops would win with it's horns and frilly bone collar, even against the Stegosaurus' armour and spiked tail.
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