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  • Double Dog Dare!

    by Nathan | Nov 06, 2015

    Hello my K-Zone Friends,

    It’s almost the end of the year! But the fun is not slowing down...

    Teigan and I are back from our awesome overseas trip to LA where we check out everything from museums to celebrities!

    Natural History Museum

    We ate some great food and even meet up with our good friends Jai Waetford and Demi Harman for a little Double Dog Dare challenge at the beach in Marina Del Ray…

    Double Dog Dare

    So let’s kick off the month of November with our favorite South African friend Luke Wanderer who is taking us 'high in the sky', in his words. Luke tests his skills on the Taronga Zoo Wild Ropes course… take it from me he is a lot safer on the ground… 

    Tree tops adventure

    High in the sky Taronga Zoo

    Plus I go behind the scenes at some of the animation studios that are bringing the world-famous fiction book Bottersnikes And Gumbles to life, and they even let me try my hand at voicing one of the characters. But put it this way I think I’m keep my day job… 

    Bottersnikes and Gumbles studios

    I also sit down for a chat with Ernie D from Radio Disney and test him on all things Disney. Put it this way, that man knows his stuff! 

    Radio Disney Ernie D

    So until next time my K-Zone mates… Stay cool!

    Nathan Out!!! :)

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