• Double Dog Dare!

    by Nathan | Nov 06, 2015

    Hello my K-Zone Friends,

    It’s almost the end of the year! But the fun is not slowing down...

    Teigan and I are back from our awesome overseas trip to LA where we check out everything from museums to celebrities!

    Natural History Museum

    We ate some great food and even meet up with our good friends Jai Waetford and Demi Harman for a little Double Dog Dare challenge at the beach in Marina Del Ray…

    Double Dog Dare

    So let’s kick off the month of November with our favorite South African friend Luke Wanderer who is taking us 'high in the sky', in his words. Luke tests his skills on the Taronga Zoo Wild Ropes course… take it from me he is a lot safer on the ground… 

    Tree tops adventure

    High in the sky Taronga Zoo

    Plus I go behind the scenes at some of the animation studios that are bringing the world-famous fiction book Bottersnikes And Gumbles to life, and they even let me try my hand at voicing one of the characters. But put it this way I think I’m keep my day job… 

    Bottersnikes and Gumbles studios

    I also sit down for a chat with Ernie D from Radio Disney and test him on all things Disney. Put it this way, that man knows his stuff! 

    Radio Disney Ernie D

    So until next time my K-Zone mates… Stay cool!

    Nathan Out!!! :)
  • Nathan Goes Sky Diving!

    by Saturday Disney's Nathan | Jun 24, 2014
    Hey my K-Zone buddies!

    Happy half way through the year my friends, now I’ve got a super exciting month for you.  First up the girls and I headed up north to the Whitsundays, where we went snorkelling at the Great Barrel Reef, sailing, paddle boarding and we even got to hand feed and pat real sting rays (just remember those ones are pets so don’t try this without a professional).

    Nathan, Candace and Teigan pat some stingrays!

    We also headed onto mainland Airlie Beach for a little safari… well I should say a big scary safari: some of those crocs were massive!


    Photo: Saturday Disney's Nathan spots a crocodile at Airlie Beach


    Now you all know I’m scared of heights, so I would never jump out of a plane to go sky-diving. Guess what - I did! Instead of falling thousands of metres through the sky I went indoor sky-diving!


    Saturday Disney's Nathan goes skydiving!


    WARNING: don’t open your mouth too wide, you may dribble!

    And last but not least, get ready for our new reality TV Drama series THE ASSISTANT which starts on June 21. Candice, Teigan and I are on the hunt to find ourselves a new Personal Assistant. I have to admit I do feel a little sorry for the candidates because some of the challenges were just plan insane!

    That’s it for another month, so make sure you tune into Saturday Disney every Saturday morning from 6-7am on Seven then 7-9am on 7TWO.

    So until next time my friends stay cool and I’ll see you soon.

    Nathan Out…


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  • Nath At Nitro Circus

    by Saturday Disney's Nathan | May 28, 2014

    Hello my K-Zone friends!

    What a cool start to May… see what I did there? I said cool and it cold, get it, lol!

    Anyway what a jam-packed month I have for you, and what better way to start it then with the circus... but I’m not talking about your typical circus! I meet up with Ryan and Chris from the Nitro Circus, and if I could describe them in one word it would have to be, 'extreme'. Those guys are definitely taking their sports to the next level!

    Photo: Nathan meets Ryan and Chris from Nitro Circus


    Now to something a little different but still as extreme: rhythmic gymnastics. It looks easy but man it is hard to do! Lucky for me I had Michaela to teach me a thing or two. 

    Photo: Saturday Disney's Nathan tries rhythmic gymnastics

    To something a little stinky, but probably some of the most important people in the whole world, the everyday heroes: our local garbage men. I was lucky enough to go on a ride along. One thing you might not know about garbage men is they work all year round even on Christmas day. Talk about hard workers!

    Photo: Saturday Disney's Nathan meets garbage men

    I’ve been saving the best for last. I was lucky enough to hang out with the one, the only, Sheppard.  Yes, this Aussie band just got back from overseas, so I thought we should chill out and go bowling! Note to self, get bowling lesson…

    Photo: Nathan and the Australian band, Sheppard go bowling

    So that’s all for this month, make sure you tune in every Saturday 6-7am on Seven and then 7-9am on 7TWO!

    Stay Cool - 
    Nathan out!

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  • Nathan's a Grandpa?!

    by Saturday Disney's Nathan | Apr 16, 2014
    Hey my K-Zone buddies!

    And what better way to start April then with some good old fashion make-up stories.
    That’s right, this April I take Candice and Teigan out for some pampering, and just a little hint this ain't your typical beauty salon!  After more than 3 hours in a make up chair we are made into 80 year old versions of ourselves...

    The Saturday Disney crew as old people!
    They're ooold

    Then, Teigan invented a time machine and teleported all of us back to our childhood and when I say childhood I mean the time machine turn us into babies. 

    The Saturday Disney crew as babies!
    Waaa! Baby Saturday Disney crew!



    At one point the machine broke down accidentally reversing the teleportation system, and guess what? It ended up teleporting JTR into the Disney House! Talk about things going from bad to awesome! 


    Saturday Disney's Nathan meets JTR!
    Nathan meets JTR!



    So until next month my K-Zone buddies stay safe and keep watching every Saturday morning 6-7am on Seven the 7-9am on 7TWO.

    Nathan Morgan, out!

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  • Nathan Skis, Surfs and Jet Packs!

    by Saturday Disney's Nathan | Mar 17, 2014


    Hey K-Zoners! 

    I've got a great month coming your way! It all starts with everyone’s favourite roving reporter, Chris Showers, and another epic Dare Fest for me!

    Chris has me hitting a water park and taking on three dares in a row, but not all the dares involved water...

    Saturday Disney's Nathan's surfing lesson!
    Surfing - Water Park Style!

    For my very first try at skiing I caught up with Olympic world champion Jacqui who gave me a few tips at an indoor skiing centre. I’m kind of a pro now, check it out!

    Saturday Disney's Nathan's Skiing Lesson!
    Skiing with an Olympian!

    And last but not least, I'm proving that the impossible can sometimes become possible. What better way to show you than with a jet pack? Yep, you heard me right dudes, I said jet pack

    This epic ride doesn't involve a jet engine, though. It uses water pressure from a jet ski to get airborne and can blast you up to seven metres high, scary right!

    Saturday Disney's Nathan's Jetpack Joyride!
    Woohoo - real life jet pack joyride!

    Stay cool my K-Zone friends and remember to tune in for some Saturday Disney fun every weekend from 6-7am on SEVEN and then 7-9 on 7TWO. 

    Until next month Nathan out!

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  • Nathan Goes On Safari

    by Nathan | Feb 18, 2014

    Hey K-Zoners

    Happy February, hope you’re having a great start to the year! We've got an amazing month of stories for you!

    First up, we caught up with a world famous wildlife expert! Luke Wanderer took us on safari in Melbourne, and I think needs to do a bit more research before he next hits the field...

    Saturday Disney: Luke Wanderer
    Luke Wanderer on safari. Funny, he looks like Nath...

    Also the girls and I caught up with Disney star Spencer Boldman! This interview was a little scary for me because it took place on top of a very tall tower; but luckily Spencer is scared of heights too… 

    Saturday Disney met Spencer Boldman
    Nathan, Spencer Boldman, Teigan and Candice!

    And yes, I saved the best for last! Candice, Teigan and I travelled all the way to LA, where we were invited on the set for a taping of Dog With A Blog, the brand new series starting on Saturday Disney this month.  We had a back stage tour, and even got to chat to the cast and crew!

    Saturday Disney in LA!
    Teigan, Nathan and Candice in LA!

    Nathan met Francesca Capaldi from 'Dog With A Blog'!
    Nathan with Francesca Capaldi!

    Nathan and Blake Michael from 'Dog With A Blog'!
    Nathan and Blake Michael

    So until next month my K-Zone friends, stay safe and don’t forget to tune in to Saturday Disney every Saturday from 6-7am on SEVEN then from 7-9am on 7TWO!

    Nathan Out!

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  • Nathan Meets Steve Carrell!

    by Nathan | Jan 22, 2014
    What up my K-Zone buddies?

    I cannot believe it’s 2014! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas break and a happy New Year.

    But it's back to school, and guess what guys? We have an awesome January for you to kick off the month!

    First up, the last surviving Cave Man, Urrge tries out the sport of wake boarding. He might not have the looks, but this caveman sure can pick things up fast! 

    Can a cave man wake board? Urrrge finds out.
    Can a cave man wake board? Urrrge finds out.

    Urrge after wake boarding... It doesn't look good!
    Urrge after wake boarding... It doesn't look good!

    I got to have a chat to the one and the only, Steve Carell, by far one of my favourite actors.  Steve and I chatted about what it's like voicing an animated character like Gru from Despicable Me 2, and wait 'til you hear his attempt at an Australian accent! Super funny.

    Saturday Disney's Nathan met Steve Carrell!
    Saturday Disney's Nathan met Steve Carrell!

    Teigan and I got to hang out with two Producers/Directors/Animators AKA Filmmakers on how they bring together an animated movie like Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2.

    Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 film makers!
    Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 film makers!

    So happy 2014 and good luck with the start of the school year!

    Don’t forget to tune in to Saturday Disney every Saturday morning from 6-7am on Seven and the 7-9am on 7TWO 

    Nathan Out… 

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