Mission Impoossible

I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and there was poo on the floor. I just ignored it, but as I was leaving my friend came in and thought I had done it! He ran off and told everyone, and even the teacher found out and nearly put me on detention! So much shame!

Mike, Qld

Let it rip!

One time during recess I was playing football with my friends, and accidentally farted so hard my pants split open! Everyone laughed and I had to walk all the way to the office by myself to ask for new pants. Most shameful day ever!

Mick, NSW

Lake (bad) Luck

We were on school camp once and were having a barbecue near the lake. My friend told me if you go to the edge and look in, you see fish. I went to look...and he pushed me in, right in front of everyone! I was soaking wet the whole night. Can’t believe I fell for that!

Tom, Qld


I wet my pants at school one day, so I went to the bathroom to change while the whole class was asking the teacher where I was! When I came back they all just stared at me and wouldn’t stop asking till I told them! Sooo awkward!

Thomas, NSW


We had to take a super long bus ride on a school excursion and I started to feel really sick. Just as we arrived, I threw up in the middle of the aisle! Everybody ran off the bus and the teacher had to clean it up! So embarrassing.

James, NSW

Stage fright!

I had to give a presentation in front of the whole class and it made me really nervous. Halfway through I noticed people pointing and giggling and I couldn’t understand why. Only when I sat down I realised I had giant sweat stains under my arms! Grossest thing ever!

Aidan, SA

Kinder Surprise!

On the first day back at school, I completely forgot we had new rooms and went to my old classroom! It wasn’t until I sat down with everyone that I realised I’d gone into what was the new Kindergarten class, and the teacher was NOT happy! Epic fail!

Chris, NT

Song of shame

Once when I was at swimming lessons, whenever one of my classmates walked past I yelled out ‘bah!’ from the pool to scare my friends. One time I accidently ‘bahhed!’ a stranger and to try and cover it I started singing ‘bah bah black sheep’. I was so caught!

Tyler, NZ

Diary of a Noob

I was at a party and we were playing Band Hero. I was singing a Michael Jackson song and started moonwalking thinking I was really funny, then I fell backwards on my bum! Worst is, someone had it on video and still shows people! Biggest shame!

Trent, Vic