Offensive Odour

We were switching desks at school and I scored a spot next to the girl I liked. I tried to make her laugh by doing a fart, but she ended up complaining to the teacher! I was then moved to a seat on the other side of the room. Max shame!

Brodie, Qld

Lil Ripper

At the end of the day after the bell rang at school, I sprinted out the door! I decided to jump over the fence as I headed to the car just to be awesome. Only prob was my pants got hooked on the fence and my pants ripped. Embarrassing x 100!

Aiden, Qld

Um, Yeah…

It was my turn to make an announcement on the school’s loudspeaker, but I couldn’t get out what I wanted to say. I kept going “er, um…” after every word. So awkward! I never want to make a speech again!

Matthew, Vic

Pants Overboard

I was catching waves on the Flo Rida at Wet n Wild, when all of a sudden my boardies fell off. I was heaps red faced! Soooooooo embarrassing!

Thomas, NSW

Splat out!

When mum and I went to visit someone in hospital, I did something heaps embarrassing on the way in. I thought the door was one that opened automatically, but it er, wasn’t. I hit my head on it really hard. Ouchy and awkward!

James, Vic

Year Pee

In year three, I wanted to pee real badly but our teacher had ducked out of the room and I needed to ask her permission. When she came back I just couldn’t hold it anymore. Pee literally started flowing down my pants! Pretty embarrassing if you ask me!

Jay, NSW

Dirty Game

I was playing basketball with a group of mates when the ball went off-court. I went to grab it, but slipped over on the way and got covered in mud. Everyone saw and cracked up, obvs. So shameful!

Calin, Vic


This one time I was swimming in my lake in Scotland trying to act heaps subtle, when this girl with a camera took a pic of me on her iPhone. I had my butt in the air and was mega bloated after eating a school of fish. Luckily the pic was mad blurry and no one believed it was me! Ha.

Lochness Monster, UK

Diary of a Noob

I was playing this game on Xbox called Your Fitness Evolved where you have to do heaps of active stuff. I didn’t realise but while I was playing I got a massive hole in my pants. I put the same ones on the next day to go to school, and this kid goes “what’s up Spiltty?” Mega shame!

Calin, Vic