Chippy Monster

I was at a grown ups function with mum and left our table to go for a little walk around the room. When I sat back down I ate all the corn chips and then realized it wasn’t even our table. Woops! LOL!

Damien, Vic

Hum Diddy Dum

One day at school I was kinda zoning out in class, and started making funny noises…by accident. When I looked up every one was looking at me. Awkward!

Stacko, NSW

“Ssshhh Nan!” 

When I was three my nana was still wiping my butt (cos I was heaps little, y’know). One day I went to the toilet while my friends were over. As soon as my nana knew I was in the toilet she said, "would you like me to wipe you bum?" They all heard…and laughed. Yep, pretty awks.

Aden, NSW


On April Fools Day I set up a booby trap to prank my sis, but and instead of fooling her, I accidently stepped in it first. Hahaha!

Jack, NSW


I was up on stage at school doing my first speech for SRC. While I was standing up and waiting for my turn to speak, my pants suddenly started falling off me. I don’t think anyone saw, but my face went red. 

Ben, NSW

Lil Loo

I needed to pee real bad one day at school, so ran to the nearest toilet. I walked in, did my biz and walked out. A kindy kid was in line next and stared at me weirdly. Turns out I was in the wrong toilet! It was the kindy kids loo. Ahhhhh!

Ben, NSW

Scare Fail!

I was showing my sister this scary maze video thing on the Internet. She ran off to the toilet right before it started playing. As soon as it came on I got a fright ran into a wall and had nightmares about it. And I was the one that was supposed to be scaring her…

Carl, Qld

McSmelly Meal

One time I was at McDonalds and did a huge fart. The worst part? I blamed it on the boss of the store. Hahahahahaha!

Penelope, NZ

Diary of a Noob

I was playing Wii with my cousin and was all like “the Wii isn’t working”. I then looked down at my Wii remote and realised I was pointing a barbeque sauce bottle at the screen. So embarrassing!

Jamie, Vic