Bird Poo, Ladies toilets and bellyflops, you guys sure have had your fair share of red faced moments lately!

I was at the shopping centre and really needed to pee. I rushed to the toilets, not watching where I was going, and a bunch of teenage girls screamed and said, “This is the ladies room!”
Oliver, 11

My friend and I were walking home from school when we saw a bird. I went to pick  it up when a man yelled,  “Hey, that's my pet bird!”  We were so embarrassed.
Briley, 11

We were abseiling down a rock face at school camp when I accidentally let out a ripper fart. What's worse, one of my classmates was right below me when I did it! Massive shame, but massive LOL!
James, 11

There was about 20 minutes until lunch, but I really needed to go to the bathroom. I asked my teacher if I could go, but she told me to hold on. I couldn't hold any longer, so I wet my pants. There was wee all over  my chair! Major shame!
Ryan, 10

One afternoon at school, a pigeon flew into our classroom and started pooping everywhere! The bird poo landed in my hair and all over my desk. The Principal had to clean my hair - I was SO embarrassed!
Jim, 10

I was at a restaurant for a family birthday, when my uncle picked me up upside down and my pants started to slide off.  By the time he put me down, my pants were around my ankles. I was so embarrassed, I ran and hid in the corner!
Joshua, 11

I went to a swimming carnival for school and entered the Championship Freestyle race. I wasn't very good at swimming, but I dived into the water - which was more like a flop! I started swimming as fast as I could, but I looked up and saw the race was already over! 
Taylor, 10

I was setting up my brother's toy air cannon, and as I turned my back, someone fired it. It gave me such a shock that I peed my pants! So embarrassing!
Max, 9

When I was starting Year Seven, my teacher told a really funny joke. I laughed so hard that I farted!  I just sat there while everyone laughed at me! It was so shameful!
Simona, 12

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