We were in music class and I desperately needed to fart. I thought I’d try doing it to the beat, but I timed it wrong and it came out when everything was quiet. Everybody ran out screaming - worst day ever!

Hazzar, NZ



I was on school camp and fell off the horse I was riding. It wasn’t till I got up that everyone realised it wasn’t mud I was covered in – it was horse poo! So gross!

Miles, Vic



I was in maths class and my friend thought it would be funny to cut my pants with scissors. They made a really loud splitting noise and the whole class turned and stared at me. Then the teacher yelled at ME for being rude!

William, NSW



My class was hosting the assembly and I had to read out a speech in front of the whole school. When it was my turn I realised I forgot the script, and had to write it out again while everyone stared! Awkward!

Hadi, NSW



I once had to give a speech in front of the whole class while I was busting for the toilet. I was so nervous that I peed down my leg, and my pants fell in front of everyone. The worst part is I was wearing my sister’s undies! Soooo shameful!

Jarrod, WA



I was once at a party and got lost in the crowd. I was so relieved when I finally found Mum that I gave her a massive hug – but when I looked up it wasn’t even her! It was a total stranger with the same hair colour. Epic fail!

Kevin, Qld



At the end of last year we had an assembly for awards and prizes. I was right at the back and thought I heard my name, so I walked all the way up to get my award. Turned out they had called out a totally different person! Never living it down!

Darren, WA



My friend needed help with a game on his Nintendo DS, but we’re not allowed to bring them to school. I locked myself in a toilet cubicle to finish the level for him, but I accidentally dropped it in the toilet and he told my teacher! Mega shame!

James, NSW


Diary of a Noob: GOOMBA STUMBLER

I’d been bragging to my friends about how I’m a total boss on Mario DS, and said I’d whizz through the first level to prove it to them all. In a few seconds I accidentally messed up, knocked into a Goomba and died. Fail whale!

Kaelan, WA