Greatest of All Time Shame

I farted, it stunk and everyone heard it!

Everyone ever, Earth

Wheel Fright

I was riding my bike to the shops when suddenly one of my friends came out of nowhere and jumped out at me! I crashed into a fence and it was mega embarrassing! The rest of my friends and some random people saw and started laughing – so shameful.

Malakai, NSW

Inspector Fart

One day an inspector came to my class at school and started going on about boring rules and stuff. I really needed to fart, but I didn’t wanna look bad and do a big one in front of the inspector. I tried to do a tiny one, but I timed it wrong! Everyone heard me – even the inspector! My friends ROFL’d!

Avon, NSW

Stage Bite!

One day I was outside in the playground doing a talent show for my friends. I did a cartwheel and a bee stung me! It hurt heaps, but the worst part was everyone laughed at me. Mega shame and pain!

Isabelle, Vic

Doggy Don’t

One boiling hot day at school I forgot my water bottle, and I was so dehydrated at recess that I fainted and fell into a pile of dog poo. My tongue was hanging out too! So embarrassing!

Christian, Qld

“Er, Mum?”

I was at the shops with my parents when they suddenly just vanished! I turned on the water works cos I was heaps upset. I finally found mum and was all like, “where were you?” but then realised it was actually a stranger. I ended up finding mum eventually, but I was mega-embarrassed!

Isaac, NSW

Gotta Split!

I was at school helping a teacher carry some stuff to another classroom, but it was heaps heavier than I thought. Halfway there I had to pop it down and have a rest, but that was when my pants split. Awkward!

Ryan, WA

Unlucky Mate!

During a soccer game at recess a bird did a poo on my back, and to top it all off after the match I fell into a puddle! Double shame.

Regan, WA

Ballet Boo-boo!

When I was dropping my sister off at ballet, I did an enormous fart in front of the ballet teacher and it stank! The teacher didn't look too impressed. Whoops!

Darcy, NT

Diary of a Noob

I was on the computer trying to preorder Skylanders SWAP Force for Xbox 360. After I clicked ‘purchase’ a message came onto the screen – "thank you for preordering Skylanders SWAP Force for PS3." Ahhh, what? I thought I’d pressed Xbox. I had to tell mum we didn’t have a PS3, which was kinda shameful.

Frankie, SA