Split Leap
When I was in year one, my friends and I were playing leapfrog. It was my turn to leap over my mate, but as I was mid-air I heard a massive ripping sound. Yep, my pants had split! Totes awkward. 
- Don, WA
Too Cool For Pool
Last week I was at the pool mucking around, when a girl I liked walked past. I thought I’d impress her by doing a pro dive into the water, but it turned out more like a belly flop. She saw…and laughed! Shame.
- Peter, Vic
Mum? Mum? Muuummm?
During a shopping trip with mum, I got fully lost. I was getting kinda worried, and then two embarrassing things happened – 1. I started crying, and 2. I found mum, hugged her and then realised it wasn’t actually her. Sooooooo embarrassing. 
- Paul, SA
Disco Dive
Last year at the school disco, I was dancing to Gangnam Style and everybody was watching! I was feeling pretty cool, when I tripped over my shoelaces and went splat, just as the chorus started. Not cool. There was A LOT of laughing.
- Harry, NSW
Woopsie Cushion!
On April Fools day last year I hid a whoopee cushion on my mate’s chair (to embarrass him, obvs). Only prob was that I accidently sat on it first. Everything was quiet, and then a massive fart sound erupted. I turned as red as the whoopee cushion. Shamed to the max! 
- Henry, NSW
Scare Bear!
I was camping with a group of friends, and they all decided to play a trick on me. They said there were grizzly bears in the area, which freaked me out…heaps! Minutes later I heard a small noise and instinctively started running. Only prob was I slammed straight into a tree. Shame times two!
- Peggy, SA
Who Invited Him?
I was having dinner at a friend’s house with his whole family. The food was really good – until I came across a supersized peppercorn in my pasta. I accidently bit into it and screamed, splattering food all over the table. My friend’s mum thought it was cos I didn’t like her food. Embarassing, much?  
- Roger, NT
Doggy Doo Boo
From the Future!
I was walking my six-legged virtual hologram dog, when it decided to do a poo right in front of this pretty cyborg I liked. She looked horrified and teleported immediately. To make it worse she’s got X-ray vision, so must have seen my daggy human-print undies. 
- Krizgit, NT 
Diary of a Noob
I was playing Dance Star Party but while I was moving, nothing was coming up on the screen. It drove me absolutely crazy! I told my dad and showed him the remote. And you know what he said? “It’s the Sing Star remote, silly.” Epic shame!
- Blake, Vic