Pranks of the Past

These days anything can be art – yep, even a blank canvas. Back in 2011 a dude decided to play a trick on gallery goers, to see just how much could pass as 'art'. He stuck a bunch of fake exhibit signs around the gallery ­– on stuff like the fire extinguishers, toilet doors and random walls. Patrons ooohhhed and ahhhed while he sat back and LOL’d.

Parental Pranks

Out of Candy
This parental prank is the oldest in the book. You’re dying for dessert – “have we got any chocolate mum?” and she’s all like “sorry, none left.” But you swore you saw some yesterday. Chances are she’s hidden it from sight – So. Not. Sweet. 

Worm Hole
You’ll need an apple and a handful of sour worm lollies for this one! Grab your apple, and make a ton of holes in it. Subtly stuff the lil worms inside, trying to keep them (sorta) hidden. When someone takes a bite, they’ll freak!

Hello? Meow
Got a cat? This prank is perf for you. Call a mate, but as soon as they pick up, instead of saying hi just start meowing. Hang up after a few seconds, and then call back again 10 minutes later. Tell your mate that you’ve lost your cat and you have no idea where it is. 

Wet 'n' wriggly
Offer to run the bath for your bro, then before you put the bubbles in, stick a rubber spider on the bottom of the tub, near the plug, and then fill it up. He’ll totes hit the roof of fear when he realizes he’s been sloshing with a spider!  

Uniform Swap
On a Monday morn get into your school uniform as usual – except er, switch it up a bit! Change the colour of your top or add a pair of striped socks. When your sibling asks you what's up, answer with: "Oh, you forgot? Remember the uniform changes kick in today." Watch 'em panic and scramble to find the right stuff! We highly recommend waiting till they come out to the breakfast table all dressed up, to tell 'em the truth. Hahaha!

K-Zoner Prank

Hairy Call
Tell your bro or sis that Mr Bear called and would like you to call him back. Give them a post-it note with the zoos phone number on it, and wait for the LOLS.

Dallan, Vic