Pranks of the Past

A List Impersonator

Fact: spotting a celeb (*cough* any cute dude with a fringe) = so much screaming! Just ask your Bieber-brained lil sis. American Coby Persin decided to trick a bunch of fankids by rocking up to Times Square in a limo, pretending to be famous. He had a bunch of fake photographer friends in tow, a pretend camera crew and peeps posing as reporters. Sure enough random strangers came up asking for his autograph. Classic! 

Parental Pranks

“When I was your age…”

Is it just us, or are parents big-time braggers about their days as the golden child? “When I was your age…I studied for three hours a night/didn’t ask for new toys/always did the chores” etc. Chances are this kinda talk is a bit of a prank to turn you into the perfect person. Just ask your Grandparents – bet they did it too!

Prank of the Month

Pony Fail!

Here’s one for the sisters (or bros with long hair). Buy one of those cheap fake ponytails from the local $2 shop – the more real looking, the better! Then while holding the hair, sneak up behind them with a pair of scissors and make a snipping noise (without actually cutting anything, obvs). They’ll turn around instantly, which is your cue to hold up the fake pony tail. They’ll freak thinking you cut a huge hunk out of their hair! 

Greatest Pranks Of All Time

Vintage LOLs! Getta a load of these K-Zone classics – the best pranks we’ve ever published. 


If your bro or sis loves Oreo biscuits then this prank is made for you. Scrape out the icing in the middle and replace it with toothpaste. When they get stuck into their fave snack they’ll freak!

Funny Business

This is a great revenge prank for a sibling (or a great way to guarantee one coming back atcha soon). Get all of your sis or bro’s stuff and set up a table outside your house and with a ‘garage sale’ sign. Don’t actually sell anything though – just enjoy them freaking when they find you!

The Sky is Falling

Go to a busy street corner and look up at the sky with all sorts of expressions. Take a peek to see if anyone is joining in. The more people that take a look at the sky, the more people will be curious to see if something is, er, up!


You’re Being Watched

Go to the school loos and write some messages on the toilet roll like ‘Nice underwear’, ‘You are being watched’, ‘Man, that stinks!’ and other weird toilet-related stuff. Then kick back and let the good times roll!

Dhyaan, WA