November 22, 2013

XBOX One launched in Australia last night and team K-Zone was there covering all the action! Not only did Microsoft light up Sydney city with some rad green lights they also chucked a party at Luna Park and midnight console launches were held at EBs and game shops all over the country!

K-Zone scored a top secret pre-release console too and this week we’ve been thrashing our way through the best of the next-gen games! Check the top five must-plays week one on XBOX One!

  1. Forza 5
  2. FIFA 14
  3. Zoo Tycoon
  4. Skylanders SWAP Force
  5. NBA 2K14

Our fave thing about the new console? Gotta be the controller and the rumble in the triggers. Get ready for a whole new world of gaming K-Zoners!

The new Xbox One console!