Swap It Like It’s Hot!

Unless you’ve been living under a Dwayne Johnson you already know all about Skylanders SWAP Force from reading about it in K-Zone! We don’t even need to tell you about how the new characters are swappable, or how the graphics look amazing and how all of the characters (including the old ones) can now jump, opening up the game world in a whole new way. Nosiree, we aren’t even going to use up space on the page doing that. Instead, we’re giving you the exclusive:


Top Ten Reasons We Love Skylanders SWAP Force!

  1. Exploring Woodburrow village. It’s WAAAY cooler than just hanging out on Flynn’s airship between levels. Be sure to search every nook and cranny!
  2. A new mini-game to unlock gates. The Volt and Jolt challenges are crazy fresh!
  3. The cast and story. Tessa and Flynn are great allies and Flynn is a million times funner than he was in Skylander Giants. Comedy GOLD.
  4. Evilising normal creatures from around the Cloudbreak Islands. Simple, brilliant and funny!
  5. And…Evilised Glumshanks in a tank. Boss battles just got HEAPS more awesome.
  6. Swap Zones. If you have a Skylander with rocket legs you can fly, if you have speedy legs you can enter racetracks. They’re just two of the eight new skills to bust out.
  7. A character level cap of 20 plus new power-ups. Our faves from the older games (like Thumpback and Pop Fizz) can power up to beastly levels.
  8. Kaos’s mother. No spoilers here, just keep your eyes peeled!
  9. Level mini-bosses. Tougher enemies like the Geargolems are scattered around making every level into the perfect balance of battle and puzzle.
  10. Night Shift, Spy Rise and Stink Bomb. We’re coming right out and saying it, these three are our fave new SWAP Force Skylanders right now!