Powerful PS4
K-Zone got had hands-on with the PS4 version of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and guess what? It’s awesome! Expect better graphics, more LEGOfied objects and zero loading times. Game director Arthur Parsons told us to expect more detail, more studs and more everything. The PS4 controller is slightly larger than the PS3 DualShock, but it feels great.
Comic God
Stan Lee, creator of the coolest Marvel superheroes, is a big part of the game. Arthur gave us the inside word that you can find 50 versions of him to unlock the ultimate superhero. He has Wolverine’s skeleton, Spider-Man’s web-swing, Mister Fantastic’s stretchy arms, Jean Grey’s telekinesis, Human Torch’s flame ability and he can Hulk out. Stan SMASH!
Clever Constructions
The game developers have a team of five LEGO Builders that build LEGO sets all day. Everything in the game has to be first made out of LEGO IRL. They even built the Destroyer from Thor that can turn itself inside out and has an opening face for flame-blast attack. Best. Job. Ever!