Super Sign

Use a sign or a ladder to stop water or lava! Save yourself from getting burnt, or create flood-proof underwater rooms.


Stay Hydrated

Drink Milk after eating any foods that are poisonous or cause hunger! The milky goodness will cure the status effect.

Woolly Jumper

Dye the sheep before you shear it to get even more dyed wool! You’ll get up to four dyed Wools instead of just one.


Just Keep Swimming

If you find yourself stuck underwater, place a torch and stand right next to it, and you’ll get a tiny bit of air.

Cute, But Deadly

Watch out for the Killer Bunny. They’re pretty rare, with only a 1/1000 chance of spawning instead of a normal Rabbit, but they can cause serious damage. You can also use commands to spawn one. If you see a rabbit with horizontal red eyes, be sure to hit it twice with your sword ASAP!

Animal Handstands

Use a name tag to name an animal “Dinnerbone” or “Grumm” and it’ll turn upside down!


Taking Out The Trash

Need to get rid of some rubbish? Find a cactus and you can throw all your unwanted stuff in it.