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The Wash Buckler Soul Gem is at the end of a short path in the Twisty Tunnels. Find it by turning left before the first mines on the Hazardous Highway

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Which Elements Should You Use For Each Skylanders SWAP Force Chapter?

Chapter 1: Mount Cloudbreak
Fire Elements own the first part of chapter one, so try starting with Blast Zone. Next, try an Earth Element like Rubble Rouser, and finish the chapter with Wash Buckler, or another Water Element.

Chapter 2: Cascade Glade
It's all up in the air for the start of this chapter - try Free Ranger, the greatest storm chaser ever! Next, line up a Life Element like Bumble Blast and end with a Magic Element Skylander like Trap Shadow.

Chapter 3: Mudwater Hollow
You'll smash this level with five elements in this order: Air, Fire, Tech, Magic and Water. Try: Boom Jet, Smolderdash, Magna Charge, Hoot Loop then Freeze Blade.

Chapter 4: Rampant Ruins
Start with Air Element Pop Thorn, then Life (maybe Bumble Blast?), then Fryno (Fire), Slobber Tooth (Earth) and finish with Night Shift (Undead).

Chapter 5: Jungle Rumble
Any element is the go in this chapter! Free-style it!

Chapter 6: Iron Jaw Gulch
Begin with a Magic Element Skylander like Dune Bug, then Fire (like Blast Zone) and end with an Undead Element like Roller Brawl.

Chapter 7: Motleyville
Try this elemental sequence: Undead, Magic, Life then Earth. You could use: Rattle Shake, Trap Shadow, Grilla Drilla and Doom Stone.

Chapter 8: Twisty Tunnels
Start with a Tech Element like Spy Rise, follow up with a Fire Element like Fire Kraken and finish with a Magic Element like Hoot Loop.

Chapter 9: Serpent's Peak
Go crazy! This chapter is an elemental free-for-all.

Chapter 10: Boney Islands
You'll smash this level easily with a Water Element Skylander, followed by Air, then Tech. You could use: Rip Tide, Pop Thorn then Countdown.

Chapter 11: Winter Keep
Try the Tech, Water and Earth trilogy using Wind-Up, Wash Buckler and Slobber Tooth.

Chapter 12: Frostfest Mountains
In the Frostfest Mountains, start with an Earth Element (obvs) like Scorp, then Water like Punk Shock and end with an Undead like Grim Creeper.

Chapter 13: Mesmeralda's Show
Pick your fave Skylander and see if you can conquer Boss Mesmeralda!

Chapter 14: Fantasm Forest
This is an epic 6 Element Skylander SWAP Force level! In order Magic (like Star Strike), Life (Zoo Lou), Fire (Smolderdash), Earth (Doom Stone), Undead (Night Shift) then Water (Freeze Blade).

Chapter 15: Kaos' Fortress
Start with a Life Element like Stink Bomb, then an Air Element like Scratch and end with a Tech Element like Magna Charge.

Chapter 16: Motherly Mayhem
Basically, in this level, do what you need to do to beat Kaos' Mum!

Chapter 17: Cloudbreak Core
You'll know every element by now, so pick your fave to go up against Super Evil Kaos!