Hey ELMarcoHD

To get 
Monster Truck Wheels in Disney Infinity, get the Cars Play Set with Lightning McQueen and Holley Shiftwell. Francesco Bernoulli or Mater are sold separately but are still compatible. You unlock the Monster Truck Wheels from this play set.

Here's some sneaky extra 
Toy Box cheats to set up your gameplay for life!

  • Completing the Mastery Adventures tutorials unlocks new toys. Bonus? You get some sweet Disney Infinity tips along the way.
  • Every Play Set has a locked vault. Get every player in the set to activate it, and it will unlock. Inside are new toys for the Toy Box, plus an extra themed world and some mysterious treasure chests! 
  • You only need 16 spins to shuffle through every toy in the Toy Box Vault, so save up - you're guaranteed to get the toy you want by the end of the spins.


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